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Pandora is a 1.5 year old panda German Shepherd who was originally found as a stray and ended up at Manatee County Animal Services, prior to coming in to our rescue.
She is currently located in a foster home in Ormond By The Sea and although she is the only dog in that home, she has been around multiple other dogs. She will do best in a home with another medium or large dog that is friendly and playful as she has a lot of energy to burn. Pandora is a super sweet girl but has not had much socialization so she gets a little nervous and unsure when she meets new people or is put in new situations but 5 minutes later, she is your best friend and rolls on her back for belly rubs. We are looking for a family who has some experience with German Shepherd dogs, one that will have the time to take her places and introduce her to new surroundings (she rides great in the car, perfect passenger) and one that will work with her on socialization and building up her confidence.

Her adoption fee is $250.



Drego is a 1.5 year old sable male who was originally purchased in Europe by a law enforcement dog training company in hopes that he would become a drug detection dog, however, shortly after his arrival in the US, they noticed that the tip of his tail was injured so he underwent a tail docking surgery. A few weeks later, he had to have another surgery to remove another piece of his tail due to incorrect healing so today, Drego is almost healed but has only half a tail, which he wags all the time :-)
He is a high drive and high strong dog who is already fully vetted but not yet neutered. Since he resides at the facility and not in a foster home, he is only available on a foster to adopt basis meaning we have to secure a forever home for him, and once he is neutered, then we can finalize his adoption.
Due to Drego's intensive personality, we recommend a home with no small children (although he is super friendly) and only with a family who has experience with working type dogs. He is not a good candidate for a service dog but will do excellent in agility glasses, barn hunting classes or daily jogging with his person. He is crate trained, unknown is he's housebroken at this time and he loves to play ball. He has been around multiple dogs at the facility, but has not had a nose to nose introduction due to his healing process.
Drego's adoption fee is $250.


Talia is a small, approx. 50 lb., female German Shepherd rescued from a hoarding case in Georgia and has been in foster homes for about 2 months, most recently in St. Augustine for the last 6 weeks. She currently lives with another female shepherd, 2 small dogs, and 2 cats, and  has progressed a great deal in these last few weeks, still having a great deal more to master.  Talia is a very intelligent girl who will be a very devoted companion for someone who can offer her unconditional love, lots of attention, patience, and the time to help her continue her learning about how to live in a home and be out in the community without being fearful.  She needs a lot of praise and positive reinforcement, with clear boundaries regarding acceptable behavior.  Talia has shown no aggression toward people or other animals, except for some minimal guarding of her crate with other dogs, but she responds well to correction and learns quickly.  Her challenges lie in how to function in a normal environment without being afraid or trying to escape from whatever frightens her.  Before coming into the rescue and foster care, the only home she ever knew was in an open pen with other shepherds with little to no human contact; she was the victim of neglect and abuse, whose only value was in breeding.  Due to this, Talia sees the world very differently from typically developing dogs and needs a lot of time and space to be reassured that the world can be a good place.  Safety and security are her biggest needs, along with love, attention, and ongoing training.  
Talia is crate trained and finds security there, but she now spends the majority of her day outside the crate.  She can walk on leash but needs ongoing practice as she learns to trust the world in which she lives.  Currently she is walked on-leash only in or out of the yard, and she is beginning to enjoy some portions of her walks in the neighborhood while still displaying a good deal of anxiety overall while out.  Talia will pull  if frightened, which can occur at any time, but she is walked with a pinch collar which has helped to reduce this tendency, which needs to continue to be used until she is very reliable on leash.  She will now allow her collars and leash to be put on outside of her crate, working on learning to sit at these times, and can approach and go through the door calmly.  Talia needs consistency and routine in all areas, including feeding, regular daily walks, and behavioral training as she is ready.  She allows herself to be bathed and handled very well; she is anxious to please but has no idea what is expected of a typical dog in a normal environment.  Talia needs a home that provides predictability in all areas of her life, while slowly being introduced to new experiences to add to her repertoire.  For these reasons, Talia needs a calm home with no small children and adult(s) who will be committed to the time and effort of ongoing exposure and training.   
Her adoption fee is $250.



Decker is a very young sable pup who was surrendered to our rescue as the owner realized that working 10 hours a day and having a puppy crated all day every day was not a good combination. Decker is available on a foster to adopt basis only, meaning the foster family will be responsible for bringing him to a rescue approved veterinarian for three round of puppy shots and neuter surgery before his adoption can be finalized. We will be reviewing applications from our pre-approved families first but new applications are always welcome.
Decker's adoption fee is $300.



Luna is a 3 year old black and tan female who used to be a show dog but was recently surrendered to our rescue. She has always lived indoors, so she is housebroken, crate trained and very well socialized with people, including children. She is also good with other dogs of all sizes. She walks well on leash and enjoys spending time with her people.
Luna is currently in a foster home in Fernandina Beach. FL and she shares that home with two female German Shepherds and one male German Shepherd. She is in her transition stage so she is a little anxious about being in a new home around new people and around new dogs but overall she is an amazing dog that will make a wonderful addition to the right family. She has a very friendly personality and does not need much training.
Her adoption fee is $250.